Sunday, January 11, 2009

Really, really, close to finished... maybe

First: a practice darning egg in cherry. Some things were learned. Note the backdrop.

The top might overhang the pulls. It's hard to tell, and the top isn't screwed down yet. More on that in a minute.

The drawer pulls were turned with tennons. My plan was to have the tennon run all the way thru to the inside of the drawer and then split them with a contrasting wedge. Two of my tennons are too short, but I have a plan...

...not obvious in this pic but the gloss isn't uniform, and there are some dings in the drawer fronts. I'm not sure if I should do another topcoat, strip it and do it over, or spray it with something else. Brushing finish is definitely not my strong suit.


jbranch said...

Looking good. Like the dovetails. I would be interested to know how you work out the finish problems. I just completed a bookcase for my daughter and as usual, I was not pleased with how it was finished, not my strong point.

steve said...

Hey Jeff,
I'm going to try rubbing it out - that will either fix what's there or ruin what's there.

If it's fixed, I'm done. If it's ruined, I'm starting over and spraying. Me + brushing finish is always a crap shoot.

I used to just accept the disappointment of a less-than-good finish, but so much of the overall appearance and "quality" of a project comes down to the finish. It's worth getting it right, even if that means starting over.