Thursday, January 1, 2009

Drawers, Pt 2

My pinboards were about 1/16" long, so I trimmed a little off each end. This makes the already-routed pockets shallower such that the tails won't fully seat. Rather than try to repeat the router set-up, I just chopped the pins a little deeper by hand. Since this is buried in the joint, appearance doesn't matter much.
Also, note the stopped dado in the pinboard and thru dado in the tailboard. The end of the pinboard will show, so the dado has to be stopped or it would be visible.

With the dovetail assembled, the dados line up to accept the drawer bottom.

Glued up.

Not very interesting, but since all the joinery is "fitted," I want to keep track of what goes where. I don't know when I started doing this, but for a long time I've been numbering and marking joints in an unseen location (the table top will cover the top of the legs) by punching dots in with an awl. It's not hard to sand or solvent off pencil marks - these won't go away.

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