Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best shop day ever

Got a few washes of shellac on pedestal 1 - the color match is going to be OK, I think. This is the worst face, grain-wise. I was careful to center the bookmatches on the pedestal's center lines, but the right face pictured above was a slip-match.

Remember: "the chatoyance may be off, but who cares?" - the big stripe down the center of the right face is the caused by the chatoyance mis-match in the adjacent flitches of veneer. It's very analogous to wiping your hand the wrong way on suede. I recently learned that this effect is called "barber pole," and it's the same thing that caused the "racing stripes" that were on the headboard after the first washes of finish.
It shouldn't be this dramatic when it's complete - just like on the bed.

Melissa commissioned another Skin Candy display this afternoon, so I did that while I was waiting for the finish to dry on the pedestal. The 'snoot factor' on this is that I did it without my tape measure, because I couldn't find it.

And since things were going so well today, I got cocky and glued up all ten pieces for pedestal 2 in one shot - with Elmer's glue, even.

It's amazing how productive you can be when Murphy takes the day off.

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