Saturday, December 27, 2008


Apron parts roughed out. The front apron needs to have two rectangular holes in it for drawers - the easiest approach is to glue it up from smaller pieces.

The two blocks on the end of the front apron are biscuited to the top and bottom rail. The center block is too narrow for even my smallest (#10) biscuits, so none are used there. Surprisingly, I thought to check BEFORE cutting slots which would have exposed the biscuit's corners in the drawer opening. I drove some brads in the edge of the top and bottom rails and clipped the heads off to keep the center block from skidding around under glue/ clamping pressure.

Dry fit.

Glued up.

Note: since this will painted, I cut the blocks to minimize waste. If it were going to have a clear finish, I would have cut the blocks from the offcut of ripping the rails so that the grain would flow across the glue joints - giving the illusion that the rectangular holes had been cut out of a single board instead of pieced together.

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