Sunday, April 24, 2011

Euro Cabs deux

Four of the five cabs glued up and staged.

Note the drawer slides sitting in the bottom of cab 2 (from the left), and the stack of drawer parts ready to go on the TS.  Drawers should be done today.

Underestimated the amount of edge-banding I'd need.  I guesstimated about 50', bought a 50' roll, and was very mindful of keeping the offcuts small.  Ran out on the LAST side of the last cab - I'm 30" short.  Did some math to figure out if the roll was short, somehow you're looking at 49 + feet of banding in this pic, and I have 30" (of 60" needed) still left.  They didn't short me, they over-ed me.  

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