Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Euro cabs - biscuited drawers

Don't have a router table yet, so the drawers are getting biscuits.  Here're the parts with the insides pre-finished.  Pre-finishing the inside of the drawers will save the nightmare of trying to get an even, drip/ run-free finish applied in all those corners.  Note the short biscuit slots in in the end (taped off from finish to keep bare wood where the glue will go), and the full-length slot close to one edge of each.

One side installed:  the drawer bottom is leaning against it.  The slots close to the bottom edge will capture the drawer bottom.  The un-finished wood left close the ends (where the biscuit slots are) will accept glue.

Bottom fitted into the slot.  Note how sticks up ~1/4" higher than the side - that will fit into the slot in the other drawer side.  The drawer bottoms are sized to be 1/4" bigger (on each side, 1/2" total) than the inside of the drawer.  The slots in the sides are 1/4" deep - if all goes well, when glued up it will be one solid "piece" of wood.  Since this is all plywood, the bottoms will be glued in - there's no need to allow for wood expansion/ contraction in plywood this small.

Other side installed, biscuits in place.  The last side can be dropped on.  The side parts' biscuit slots,  bottom-edge slot, and  bare wood areas make sense when you see this pic.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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