Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still more bed stuff

That shorter piece on top has been glued up to the wider piece. The curve was marked out (using a template from a previous project), and a jigsaw was used to cut close to the line.

The template is hot-glued to the rail and used to guide a pattern bit in the router.

The window jig was used to route mortises for floating tenons in the top rail and the legs. A slot-cutter was used to route a dado to accept the panel. I only have one bearing for the slot-cutter, so without jigging up something on the router table the depth of cut is limited to the difference between the bit's radius and the bearing's radius. As luck would have it, that depth intruded into the tenon space a little. With all that tenon glue area and the fact that the panel will be glue in (its MDF), I'm not concerned about it.

Headboard dry-fit. Still have to route dados in the legs between the mortises to accept the panel, then fab a panel and glue it all up. It's not much more work, but it's getting too late to make noise.

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