Saturday, April 18, 2009

More bed stuff

Deja vu round three.

The screws that hold the hardware to the rails are driven into the endgrain, which doesn't really hold screws well. Some dowels behind the screws will give the threads something to grab.

No dowel stock on hand, so I turned some.

Here they are glued in, sawed off, and planed flush. As I look at this now, I realize I forgot to orient the dowel stock with the grain running perpendicular to the rail. It'll still be much, much better than not having them there, but some screws will be going into edge or rift grain instead of face grain when they encounter those dowels.

After milling up stock for cleats, they're glued and screwed to the inside of the rails. These cleats will support the platform which in turn supports the sleeping human.

The woodworking on the rails and footboard is done. There's a little to do yet on the headboard - maybe another day - then it's ready for paint.

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