Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Table base trauma

This is one of the things I hate about WWing: there are sooo many little details to remember at every step. Forget one little detail, and you've ruined lots of effort. The forgotten thing here: pay attention to grain orientation.

The corners on this thing are oriented with the grain direction such that it's easily split off.... even when taking really shallow passes with the router. I'm thinking there's an order of cuts or a feed direction that mitigates this, but I can never remember when the chips start flying. Plan: cut off the corners, glue fresh stock on, try again with increased wisdom.

Note that there's a lot of effort (besides making the template) to get to this point: that piece of wood didn't start out all nice, flat, smooth, and of sufficient width to make these bases.

Everything looks better from higher up. I think the square peds need to be smaller and higher. More milling and gluing, yeah!

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