Sunday, October 26, 2008

Table base template, continued

The router has been fitted to the plunge base, which is in turn double-stick taped to my homebrew circle cutting jig (dark, triangle-shaped thing sticking out from under the router). A large scrap of plywood (one of the templates from the bed) has been clamped to the table. This raises the router base up to the height of the work, and to gives something to pin the jig to.

Note the little metal pin midway between the the router body and the dowel "handle" on the end of that dark triangle. That's the pivot pin. The pin has been strategically placed with respect to the circle (which is still on it's original pin from when it was cut out) to get the right amount of arc.

The router will swing around that pin, intersecting the circle and creating an arc. Note the router is pinned and swinging around to make a circle - in the previous step (making the circle), the router was fixed (under the table) and the work was swung around. 6 vs. half-dozen.

Since I want 4 equally-spaced arcs cut out of that circle, I have to index after each cut. A mark on the table lines up to marks 1 of 4 marks on the circle (a big "X" on the circle, really).
Since I don't want the circle to move while I'm cutting the arcs, it's clamped down.

A few swings later and the first arc is described on the circle. In this pic, the circle has been rotated 90* (to the next index mark), to prepare for cutting the next arc. The router is pivoted all the way to the right of the circle.

Lather, rinse, repeat... In this pic, the router happens to be pivoted all the way to the left of the circle. If I wanted to, I could pivot the router thru a full revolution and continue to cut the circle thru the scrap on which the router/pivot is mounted.


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