Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Final version

I found dimensions on Thomasville's website and tweaked this a little more. The footboard is now a little larger - it reaches closer to the floor. The bottom edge of the rails is closer to the bottom edge of the headboard. The bottom of the mattress sits 1" below the top edge of the rails. The headboard and footboard heights match the T-ville version. The post caps still aren't pictured, but th ey will add a little less than 3"to the height of the posts.

With all these changes, the top of the mattress is now about 26".

T-ville's version has the slats 10" off the floor, so a boxspring would be required. This version has the bottom edge of the rail 10" off the floor, and the platform 7 1/2" above that (the rails are 8 1/2" wide).

Note that the footboard intercepts the mattress a bit.

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