Sunday, December 30, 2007

Routing a true radius

Do some math, resulting in locating a pin on each end of the template stock.

Build a crazy jig for the pins to ride against.

Set the template stock against the jig boards such that both pins bear against the jig boards. Feed it thru left to right, keeping pins in contact with jig boards until the pin on the other end approaches the router bit. Don't route the pins off!

Viola! A true radius routed in the template. The footboard arch is a different radius that this one. The set-up is almost exactly the same: one jig board has to be swung "open" a bit, but it will result in a radius of something like 18 feet. That would be a really, really, really big circle jig.

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Domenicxx said...

I love what you did .. but have no idea how you did it.

I have the need to make very large radius cuts from time to time....

Please explain

take care

Sydney, Australia