Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feet feat

After thicknessing, the fly-cutter roughed out the feet.

...which left these little ridges since the cutter has an angle to it. I didn't think about it, maybe I could've reversed the cutter - not sure the spin direction would allow it or not. Anyway, to pattern route those ridges off...

...would put my fingers really close to the bit, so here's another crazy jig. The drill bit is the same size as the fly cutter center bit. I drilled a hole in a scrap of flooring and it presses together snugly to allow me to feed the stock around the bit while keeping my hands comfortably distant. Do a little, turn it a little, repeat.

A few wash coats of shellac to seal and protect the completed parts is bringing out what will be the finished color. Lack of photo skills + a mix of florescent and incandescent shop lights + the color settings on different monitors means this is probably far from exact color reproduction, but you get the idea.

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