Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Link-tacular, and blogging

I started this blog to host pics of projects and tools to add to my posts at the woodworking forum I haunt. I started posting Sketchup models for my sister to review when I started her bed. To quell her badgering, I started adding progress updates - I wrote posts "to" her. Occasionally I add something I don't want to forget, or so I can access it from any computer I might be using.

Recently, my HS class blog had a post about monitoring traffic to the website using I thought it might be useful for the business website which Melissa runs, so I installed the tracking on this site to fiddle with it.

I was very surprised to see that people occasionally visit here - and even more surprised to find that the tracking software identified external links to this blog.

There's a Toolcrib article which quotes much of a post I made on the forum, and there's another blogger who linked to me. In both cases, had I not been tracking I wouldn't have had a clue.

Another suprise:
In the past 7 days, this page has been viewed from the UK, Portugal, Algeria, Belgium, "EU" (not specified), Canada, and from cities all around the US (especially in Texas).

I've always viewed this blog as a picture hosting site, notepad, and place to keep my "client" up-to-date. I know my ISP is not jammed with traffic clamoring to this blog, but it still feels a bit odd to think that people would land here.

The world is really getting small.

...and bored, apparently.

I'm a little concerned that I'm making a "bloggy" post here and vow to never do it again. No one's going to read all this crap.

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Garrett French said...

Hey Steve,

I read it - cause I check my stats too and noticed you linked :)

Thanks for your thoughts at WoodNet and if you notice any great discussions please send them to me for coverage... some threads deserve wider distribution.

Garrett from the ToolCrib blog