Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home stretch

A 2x4 caul with some scraps to hold it onto the leg. The caul is shaped such that it will flatten out under clamping pressure to distribute the pressure evenly.

A 2x3 deadman on each end of the 2x4 caul allows the clamps to 'reach' the caul. Note the straps holding the pipe clamps to the deadman.

Leg posts glued to headboard panel. Biscuits keep the legs aligned to the panel front-to-back. The blue tape holds some cork onto the surface of the leg under the caul to prevent the caul marring the leg (the leg is sanded and ready for finish prior to assembly).
Each pipe clamp is two shorter pipes joined together with a threaded union to make clamps long enough - the headboard + cauls + deadmen means the clamps have to be over 6' long.
There's significantly more time involved in fiddling the crazy clamping gear together than actual woodworking here.

Next the headboard will be stained and topcoated - then the torsion boxes, finials, and it's done.

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